Family and Friend Caregivers
Track and monitor activities and communicate to all concerned parties.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to:

Determine normal conditions for your loved one’s health status.
Track trends that should be watched as they develop.
Share this information with all the people involved in helping provide that care.
Get immediate alerts when something requires prompt attention.
Their Needs. Your Concerns.

Using eCaring, family and friend caregivers can communicate with each other about the care status and conditions of their loved ones. They get relief from the stress of caregiving and gain the peace of mind that only comes from keeping up to date and feeling in control about their home care situation.

eCaring enables all participants to see patterns of behavior and address any items of concern.

  • Over 49 million people identify themselves as family and friend caregivers for the elderly.
  • The value of family and friend caregiving is over $50 billion a year.

Caregiving can cause enormous stress. 40% of caregivers worked less time than they wanted because of their caregiving responsibilities. The emotional impact is also difficult. Over half of caregivers stated they don’t sleep through the night as a result of providing care. 25% reported their own health got worse as a result of the stress of caregiving.

Working caregiver problems cost companies over $34 billion annually.

Using eCaring can reduce these burdens.