eCaring Helps You Better Help Your Clients
eCaring provides the critical care information to the person that needs it, when they need it. When you use eCaring with your clients it results in improved care quality, differentiates your practice, improves communications between you and your client and can help improve your bottom line.

eCaring Overview

How eCaring differentiates your business

  • Provides you and your clients with a central depository of information for efficiently managing the care of your patients.
  • eCaring enhances your practice by providing a state of the art web based secured monitoring system that is easy for all involved to use. Can alert you, family members and medical personnel of emerging issues which avoids catastrophic events before they happen.
  • Provides a HIPPA compliant record of activity that is simple to use for your clients and medical teams.
  • Helps assure your clients are getting the best possible care

    How does eCaring help Medical Professionals

  • Alerts (including email or SMS messages) are triggered when medically important events are logged.
  • Shows data trends that can not be seen with any other tool enabling better decisions.
  • Helps Medical professionals stop small problems from becoming big ones.

    Financial Benefits

  • Increase case load capacity through easier management, generating increased revenues
  • Potential for direct revenue increase depending on deployment model
  • Better record-keeping for third party billing
  • Keeps patients at home longer and healthier resulting in happier clients and more referrals

    Streamlined Administration

  • Conversion to personal electronic home health record decreases admin time
  • Detailed accurate tracking of home health aide work times and schedules
  • Documents regulatory compliance
  • Facilitates improved communications with home care agencies, saving time and enhancing quality of service

    Business Development

  • Potential strategic partner with eCaring for turnkey outsourced care management for newly formed care coordination entities, such as ACOs and Medical Homes.
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