Lowering Costs of Care
Collaboration among providers & families improves outcomes lowering_costs

eCaring lowers the Cost of Home and Post-Discharge Care through:

Information Integration
  • Combines ADL, state of mind with vitals monitors
  • Core system for ACOs, medical home
  • Enables real-time data sharing among family and service providers

  • Monitor Compliance
  • Immediate recognition of change
  • Trigger Early Alerts

  • Establish Protocols
  • Baseline normative


  • Schedules/check lists
  • Compliance programs
  • Track trends

  • Maintain post-discharge and care plan compliance
  • Track medication administration

Lengthens home stays, optimizes lower cost providers.

Real Time Alerts to significant changes.

Early treatment prevents greater deterioration.

Reduced hospital/ER/Acute Care visits.