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Affordable Care Management System Dramatically Reduces Use of Hospital Services

User Category: BlogOn: February 18, 2013

Trial Results Demonstrate eCaring Lowers Health Care Costs and Improves Patient Outcomes

NEW YORK, N.Y. — February 13, 2013 — Every year, between $25 and $45 billion is spent across the U.S. on avoidable complications and hospital readmissions resulting directly from the limitations of current care coordination information and communication systems. eCaring, in partnership with Morningside House Long Term Health Care, has demonstrated the effectiveness of its low-cost care management solution to significantly reduce the use of expensive hospital services such as preventable emergency room (ER) visits, re-hospitalizations and doctor visits for high-risk geriatric patients. During the 90-day trial with Morningside House, eCaring prevented nine ER visits, three hospitalizations, 12 doctor visits and three unplanned nurse visits for eight higher-than-average health risk, dual-eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) patients. The savings from services avoided were over $60,000, or an estimated $2,500 per patient per month. The eCaring system costs were around $50 per patient per month.  “These results indicate the profound impact eCaring can have on bending the cost curve for managed care populations across the country. There are as many as nine million dual eligibles in the U.S. today, with millions more enrolled in accountable care organizations, medical homes, managed long-term care plans and other care management organizations,” said Robert Herzog, CEO of eCaring. “The return on investment is dramatic. By reducing the unnecessary use of hospital services, eCaring addresses one of the major drivers in health care costs in the U.S.” eCaring generates comprehensive real-time clinical and behavioral data from the home of a senior or a person with chronic conditions. Home care aides, family caregivers and patients can easily enter information on medication intake, vital signs, sleep and diet patterns, and other critical events. The system allows doctors, care managers, family members or any other member of a patient’s care team to easily access this information, recognize trends and receive alerts when a situation requires immediate attention. “The ability to generate comprehensive data from a patient’s home in real time is what sets this system apart,” said Laura Hernandez, RN, MSN, vice president of home care and director of patient services at Morningside House Long Term Home Health Care. “eCaring offers us a low-cost tool that could save us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. For the first time we’ll be able to spot health changes as they occur rather than retrospectively, allowing us to provide better care and identify cost-saving opportunities.” Patients who were historically heavy consumers of hospital services requiring higher-than-average home health care aide support were selected for the Morningside House trial. In total, more than 7,000 data points were generated during the trial. A care manager supervised patients using eCaring’s unique icon-based reporting platforms (CareJournal™ and CarePortrait™) and a customized alert system (CareAlerts™) that notified them when a condition required immediate attention. In addition, a care manager was able to communicate with home care aides directly through the system’s Notes feature. Plans are underway to extend the trial with Morningside House.   About eCaring eCaring is a privately-held, New York-based health care management technology company that integrates behavioral and clinical data to provide a real-time home health care management and monitoring system for seniors and people with chronic conditions. The unique web-based platform allows hospitals, family caregivers and care providers to spot changes in a patient’s normal patterns, receive alerts when intervention is required to keep small problems in the home from becoming big ones in the hospital, and improve information sharing among all health care providers. About Morningside House Long Term Home Health Care Morningside House Long Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP) is also known as the “nursing home without walls” program. It is certified by the New York State Department of Health and offers a coordinated plan of medical, nursing and rehabilitative care provided at home to persons who are medically eligible for placement in a nursing home. In addition to regular Medicaid services, special waiver services that are not ordinarily covered by Medicaid may be available such as case management by RNs, housing improvements and moving assistance, respiratory therapy, medical social services, nutrition and dietary services, respite care, social day care and social transportation. Morningside House LTHHCP has been in operation since 1990. Contact: Nina Dunn, nina@spectorpr.com212-943-5858 Download the full press release