BetterCare for All

By: eCaringCategory :Policy    March 28, 2019

Robert M. Herzog  2019-03-28 The Cure for healthcare isn’t Medicare for All, it’s establishing organizations with complete responsibility for the total care, costs, quality and outcomes for a person. Discussions of Medicare for All substitute structure for substance. They engender a debate about the trappings of care delivery, administration, and cost, but don’t address the […]

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Letter Submitted to the NY Times Editorial Page

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    February 20, 2019

To the editor: Your editorial (How Much Will Americans Sacrifice for Good Health Care, Feb. 16) echoes a systemic flaw baked into our health insurance and provider systems, which is particularly invidious in public health insurance. High costs and lower quality can’t just be fixed by a single payer negotiating lower drug prices, nor would […]

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Brazilian-based “mavie” announced today it has selected eCaring as the platform it will use to manage the treatment of people with rare diseases in Brazil. There are over 13 million people suffering from rare diseases in Brazil. mavie will provide its care management solution to government sponsored associations which oversee the treatment and care of […]

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Register for [Webinar]: Technology in Caregiving

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    May 9, 2018

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!  Title: Technology in Caregiving  Topics to include: · New technologies that enable home care by connecting caregivers, providers and families· How sensors, cameras, computers and programs in the home deliver real-time information to the palm of your hand· The integration of telemedicine into home care· Start-ups that are revolutionizing financial protection and […]

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Register for [Webinar]: The Next Frontier in Healthcare

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    October 18, 2016

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!  Title: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Description: This webinar will provide insights on the causes of the value challenge we have in the US healthcare system – the drivers of high costs and lower than expected outcomes – and offer a path toward transforming this dynamic through the collection of real-time, […]

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