The Secret Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    June 5, 2013

When you hear the term “Parkinson’s Disease”, a general image comes to mind: An older person afflicted with devastating tremors, stiffness, and a pervasive loss of motor control. However, the true picture of Parkinsonism is much more complex. According to various estimates by the National Institutes of Health and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, PD affects […]

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eCaring is excited to sit down with Dr. Diane Dike on her show, The Second Chance Radio Show, to discuss how real-time home care information makes caregiving easier. If you have ever wondered, “Is Mom eating?” or “Did Dad take his medications?”,  eCaring CEO Robert Herzog shares how easy-to-use care management and monitoring software can […]

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We are excited to share that eCaring was selected as a “2013 Up-And-Comer” by Healthcare Informatics. As invaluable a resource as the Healthcare Informatics 100 compendium is, the “100” list encompasses only a small percentage of the total number of healthcare IT vendor companies active in the U.S. A much broader universe of smaller, dynamic […]

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Boomers Rock, hosted by Tom Matt, is a daily show chock full of enthusiasm, empowerment, and inspiration, all dedicated to helping boomers everywhere ignite their lives! With topics ranging from financial fitness to family, foundations, fun, and fitness, incredible national and local guest experts bring their wisdom to the conversation. This week, Tom welcomed eCaring […]

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12 Surprising Facts You Didn’t know About Parkinson’s Disease

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    May 6, 2013

Parkinson’s (also known as idiopathic parkinsonism, hypokinetic rigid syndrome/HRS, or paralysis agitans) was first discovered in 1817 by British doctor James Parkinson, and brought into public attention in the modern times by celebrities with parkinsonism including Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali. Parkinson’s Disease is a brain disorder that results from the gradual degeneration of nerve cells […]

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