Vision Loss? It Could Be Eye Disease

By: eCaringCategory :General Health    March 3, 2014

Is vision loss a normal part of advancing age?  Yes, studies say. Medical research shows approximately one in three elderly persons have some form of a vision impairing eye condition by age 65. Although eyesight is one of the first senses to decline, some age-related changes go beyond what’s to be expected and indicate a […]

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The Life-or-Death Difference Between Insulin Shock vs Diabetic Coma

By: eCaringCategory :General Health    February 17, 2014

Today over 10.9 million seniors over age 65, or 26.9% of the aging population suffers from diabetes. Diabetics face a number of challenging health complications, including eye, foot, skin, and hearing problems as well as neuropathy, kidney disease, mental health issues, and much more. Two commonly misunderstood diabetic emergencies are insulin shock and diabetic coma. […]

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4 Secret Weapons That Will Quickly Lower Blood Sugar

By: eCaringCategory :Blog    February 10, 2014

For anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes or who cares for a diabetic, the sight of an off-the-charts blood sugar reading can trigger panic. In this stressful moment, its critical to calmly assess the situation before you react by phoning for an ambulance. Luckily there are easy steps you can take to quickly lower […]

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Must-Know Hyperglycemia Symptoms

By: eCaringCategory :General Health    February 3, 2014

Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, can be a serious health problem for diabetic seniors. Clinically, hyperglycemia is defined as a blood glucose levels above 200 mg/dL or a fasting blood glucose level above 130 mg/dL. Though one of the most common conditions associated with diabetes, hyperglycemia can be life threatening particularly within the geriatric population. […]

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How Snoring Could Land Your Aging Parent in the Hospital

By: eCaringCategory :General Health    January 27, 2014

Snoring may seem like just a nighttime nuisance, but in actuality it can be indicative of severe health problems for seniors and the elderly. The loud snoring you hear could be sleep apnea, a condition which affects 1 in 5 people age 60 and over. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition characterized by disrupted […]

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