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Brazilian Company mavie Selects eCaring as Platform to Manage Patients with Rare Diseases, Over 13 Million People Could Benefit.

User Category: TechnologyOn: November 14, 2018

Brazilian-based “mavie” announced today it has selected eCaring as the platform it will use to manage the treatment of people with rare diseases in Brazil. There are over 13 million people suffering from rare diseases in Brazil. mavie will provide its care management solution to government sponsored associations which oversee the treatment and care of patients with rare diseases in the country.

Read the full press release here

“mavie is French for “my life” reflecting our initiative to furnish caregivers and family members with technology that provides doctors and specialists access to critical and vital statistics in a dynamic, real-time and actionable format,” said Guilherme Gorzoni, CEO of mavie.” He added, “After extensive review, we selected eCaring as the best system available to manage patients with complex, varied problems and requirements. Its ease of use and the rapid, simple ability to customize it for a wide variety of conditions makes it the ideal system to improve the quality of care and lower the treatment costs for the over 13 million people suffering from a broad variety of rare diseases in Brazil.”

“We’re proud that mavie had selected eCaring as the core system to track, monitor and manage the conditions and needs of patients with rare diseases,” said Robert M. Herzog, CEO of eCaring. “This selection further validates that our unique system, using the icon-based language we created, is applicable to a broad variety of patient populations and needs. Its ease of configurability and decision-support algorithms makes it the best choice for managing numerous patient populations with varied data requirements, whether for rare diseases in Brazil or for Value-Based Programs in the U.S.”

mavie is currently transforming the eCaring system, which already has a Portuguese version along with many other languages, for use in the Brazilian healthcare system, working with associations and pharmaceutical companies to provide the low-cost app for use by millions of patients.