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eCaring talks “The Heart of Better Care Management” on Boomers Rock! Radio

User Category: BlogOn: March 25, 2013

Each day, more of the country's 76 million baby boomers -- or adults born between 1946 to 1964 --  reach retirement, and the reality is not always what they pictured.

Instead of spending  their days traveling or lounging on a beach, many boomers find themselves caring for aging parents. In fact, today nearly 10 million adult children over the age of 50 care for their aging parents. What tools and resources exist to help caregivers to aging parents? Whether you live around the block or across the country, you can’t be with your loved one 24 hours a day. Yet you should know at all times: Is your loved one eating well?  Sleeping properly?  Taking their medications?  Technology can help you and your health care providers respond immediately… to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Melody Wilding, Director of Communications at eCaring, sits down with Tom Matt and the team at Boomers Rock! to discuss how caregivers can leverage easy-t0-use digital tools to care for aging parents at home. Melody dives deep into what is at the "Heart of Better Care Management", including facets of user-friendly design and ways of improving care coordination to improve wellness across the lifespan. Boomers Rock, hosted by Tom Matt, is a daily show chock full of enthusiasm, empowerment, and inspiration, all dedicated to helping boomers everywhere ignite their lives! With topics ranging from financial fitness to family, foundations, fun, and fitness, incredible national and local guest experts bring their wisdom to the conversation. Whether you are 20 or 120, this show can help you make decisions that can make your boomer years rock! The show airs tonight from 8-9pm EST. Listen live or anytime at