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eCaring’s Annual Launchpad Event

User Category: NoneOn: September 28, 2015

Every year the eCaring team gathers for a couple of days for our annual Launchpad event. During the event, we gather all our staff and invite speakers to communicate market strategy, opportunities, and the changing landscape of healthcare.

The agenda was packed with influential speakers from various aspects of the healthcare industry.

Here is a brief overview of the speakers:

Caren Browning, Executive Vice President at King + Company, shared how PR partnerships can greatly increase  the awareness of eCaring in the healthcare space.  
Caren Browning
    Dr. David Bernard, Former Chief Medical Office at Beth Israel Medical Center and eCaring's Advisory Board member, shared his knowledge and insights about hospital innovation, willingness to adapt to innovation, now and in the future, and where eCaring fits in.  In addition Dr. Bernard provided clear metrics hospitals must follow with the changes stemming from  the ACA.
David Bernard
  Jen Hajj, Consultant at Sachs Policy Group, shared her expertise regarding the shape of things to come in the area of healthcare legislation and the market dynamics.
Jen Hajj
  Raj Lakhanpal, SpectraMedix CEO, shared his knowledge regarding data integration, aggregation and management. He provided an assessment of how health systems are aiming to reduce preventable readmissions and how data can influence care management in advance of a potential admission.  
  Eliza Ng, Senior Medical Director at Care Management Organization of Montefiore Health System, discussed the Opportunities and Challenges in the New Care Management Paradigm.
  Brian A. Schiel, Bestcare Vice President,  and Ilyne Rabinowitz, Vice President of Clinical Services at Bestcare, discussed eCaring in the evolving health care eco system, the opportunities, challenges and the impact eCaring has at a LHCSA level, improving quality care and improving engagement for Homecare Workers.
  Brad Weinberg from Blueprint Health shared his knowledge from the Digital Health industry including some success stories and best practices.
We thank all the speakers for illuminating, provoking and making us think during those days!