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How Mobile Technology and Gaming Advance Healthcare Industry

User Category: BlogOn: March 23, 2015

In this rapidly progressive millennium, mobile technology and gaming is experiencing a major boom that’s affecting all facets of life. Mobile Technology and Gaming Advance Healthcare IndustryThe healthcare industry in particular is advancing greatly because of it. From streamlined operations and medical training to patient rehabilitation and improvement, mobile games and digital applications are helping those that need care the most.


Daily activities are becoming more and more digitalized and to move with society’s adoption of mobilizing everything, medical-related operations have been streamlined. Patients can now schedule appointments via smartphone application and be completely efficient about it. Apps that show emergency room wait times guide potential visitors in making the decision on which ER/hospital to go to where they can be seen as quickly as possible. Patient-doctor communications are also experiencing an improvement. Instant mobile prescription refills or messaging a primary care physician a question that doesn’t necessarily call for a full-on visit can be done in real-time on mobile website portals. Synced data technology across clouds and servers allows for healthcare providers to know the most up-to-date information and history of those seeking their assistance.

Doctors & Healthcare Staff

Before maneuvering extremely expensive medical equipment or executing elaborate surgical procedures, mobile technology like Virtual Reality headsets now provide a platform for training nurses and physicians to practice simulated situations that will eventually happen on the live operating floor. Additionally, continual professional development is available with educational games on mobile, also known as serious games, where medical staff can learn the newest research and apply new techniques in a virtual setting first. Mobilizing this type of medical preparation provides an increase in flexibility, allowing busy doctors to learn when they can and in a way that works for them. Ultimately this implementation of digitalized healthcare education will eliminate life-threatening mistakes that are more likely to occur without proper knowledge, training and practice.


The person who could benefit the most from advanced mobile technology and gaming is the patient. Within the healthcare sector, mobile gaming poses an excellent opportunity to save lives and promote overall health. What makes impactful gaming possible is the technology supporting it. Innovations such as Snapdragon chip processors are crucial components that make mobile devices equip to function and run as smoothly as they do. The engaging visuals that stream and superior sound executed within mobile games and applications, generated by graphic processing units like these, is what encourages patients to participate in the quest to improve their health.

Mobile rehabilitation games are becoming a healthy trend in the healthcare world and include physical therapy as well as pain control exercise. Cognitive and emotional well-being is also a top priority within the field and the app market is full of mobile games that not only treat people with learning disabilities but also prevent mental disorders from developing. Fitness is another obvious aspect of life that can be aided with mobile technology. With smart wearables all the rage this year, many are running out of excuses to avoid tracking the number of steps they take a day or logging daily nutritional intake especially when their notebook to record is lying right on their wrist or in the palm of their hands.

Knowledge is power and in the medical universe, mobile technology and gaming provides a conduit to this power to heal. The ability to book a doctor’s appointment right from a mobile device, practice working an $800,000 machine in a simulated virtual setting prior to operating day, stimulate and strengthen the brain to handle pain and stress, and educate on the unhealthy habits that lead to obesity, are all made possible because of revolutionary mobile technology that has emerged. The future is bright in healthcare, full of potential, and mobile technology is and will continue to be the driving force of change for the better.

  Credits: Jessica Oaks, Freelance Journalist, Editor at Freshly Techy  |  @TechyJessy | Google +