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Seniors Stay Healthy through Superfoods

User Category: BlogOn: March 19, 2015

Senior care is always a delicate matter. As the muscles and bones grow weaker with age, it gets difficult to maintain functional levels of agility. Both physical as well as mental health needs to be taken care of in such a stage. However, it is not as gloomy as some people might think. Actually with proper care and facilities, people can remain active and live a happy life irrespective of their age. This is exactly where we need to consider the importance of the diet in the life of the elderly people.   Modern day diets are hardly perfect. We consume too much junk food filled with preservatives and extra calories that our systems may never use. When we’re younger, we overall don’t realize the extent of harm caused until we get older. The immune system weakens and calories pile up. That is why after a certain age we must all be even more careful about what we eat and if possible, fill our plates with the kind of foods that not only fills the stomachs but also nourishes and energizes our body. These are the foods we call superfoods and today we want to discuss the types of superfoods that can be very helpful for the seniors.

A Perfect Senior Diet

A perfect diet for the seniors must have the following characteristics:
  • It must be able to strengthen the bones, muscles, and keep the internal organs healthy. So, the food must be rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Very common risks such as heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure etc. can be easily avoided with balanced diets. By avoiding toxic elements, one can also significantly reduce the risk of more serious ailments including cancer.
  • Alzheimer’s is a common enough disease but is nevertheless a dreadful one to have. Even without it, the mind generally weakens with age as people struggle to focus on mentally demanding activities or may even forget the name of the person they just met. That is why it is important to supply the aging brain with ample nutrients which can be obtained from fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Average human beings above 50 generally need no more than 1500-2000 calories per day if they are not very active physically. A balanced diet not only ensures what they must have but also avoids the excesses, thus keeping the body lean and happy, which also leads to a happier mind.

Superfoods to the Rescue

While we always know that certain items like fresh fruits, fiber-rich cereals, fish or leafy greens are good, we do not often know the exact benefits. For instance, salmon has omega 3 fatty acids to energize the brains, cranberries keep the urinary tract clean and prunes help avoid constipation. Similarly, replacing sour creams with Greek yogurt gives you probiotics that keeps your digestive health intact while replacing butter with coconut oil as a cooking medium may help balance weight as it contains healthier fats. In the same vein, everybody likes potatoes but if you have a sweet potato for a change, it can take care of your daily Vitamin A requirements.  


There are many other types of superfoods that can easily improve the lives and diets of seniors with simple adjustments in their daily intakes. Some of them are easily available while some others may be a bit more exotic. Nevertheless, to make it easier for everyone, we have put together this wonderful infographics that will introduce you to many such superfoods and will also explain their benefits: Superfoods Infographic