"We selected eCaring as the best system available
to enhance personalized care"

Eli Feldman


eCaring provides clients 4x return on investment (ROI),
with an average annual savings of over $4,000 per member.

Find Out How
Reduction ER, Hospital Visits


Reduction ER, Hospital Visits

Reduction CHF Readmissions


Reduction CHF Readmissions

Reduction MD Visits


Reduction MD Visits

Reduction Nurse Visits


Reduction Nurse Visits


"eCaring’s actionable alerts save thousands of
dollars by preventing emergency room visits,
hospitalizations, and readmissions"

Jim Curcio

Executive Director, Senior Health Partners

Key Features/ Benefits

Customizable Care Plans

Tailor care plans to meet population and individual needs in your organization

Care Tracker

Intuitive, icon-based interface to enter behavioral, clinical, and meds data

Care Manager

Dashboards increase care management efficiency and effectively help focus on patients that need more attention

Real Time Alerts

Configurable real-time alerts prevent adverse events, reduce costs and help patients stay at home

Data Analytics

Customized reports and filters for triaging services and decision support

Improved Care Team Communication

HIPAA compliant communications integrate aide on care team

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Clients & Partners

The New York Academy </br> of Medicine

The New York Academy
of Medicine

Senior Health Partners

Senior Health Partners

PACE University

PACE University



Beth Israel Medical Center

Beth Israel Medical Center


eCaring reduces preventable ER visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions through timely access to clinical, behavioral and medication adherence data from the patient’s home.

Managed Care


eCaring improves home care patient monitoring and overall quality of care, while reducing hospitalizations through real-time data from the patient’s home.

Health Plans


Real-time data and alerts from the home post-discharge enable care providers to prevent readmissions and reduce costs.

Hospital Systems


eCaring’s care management and real-time alerts platform improve quality of care, and reduce patient costs.

Developmentally/ Physically Disabled