Benefits of eCaring
eCaring enables better home care with more control at lower costs.
Lower Stress for Families and Caregivers

Customized Care reports and alerts lead to greater comfort and confidence in the quality of home health care services.

Improved Communication and Sharing of Information

eCaring keeps people connected! It enables collaboration among families, aides and agencies for more informed, better decisions.

Better Management of Activities and Expenses

Track and monitor critical activities, vital signs, medications,
mental and physical state, care provided and hours worked.

Reduced Cost

Timely review of care keeps small problems from turning into

big ones.

For families providing home care, eCaring lets them:

  • manage and monitor home care in real time
  • from anywhere at anytime
  • gain peace of mind
  • establish what’s normal and alert when they need to intervene
  • for a fraction of the overall cost of home care.

For seniors getting home health care, eCaring enables them to:

  • live at home longer
  • with better care
  • staying connected to their loved ones
  • at lower costs.
  • The average hospital visit is 4.6 days and costs $26,000. And can be devastating to the patient.

eCaring gives a voice to the people who spend the most time with home care recipients — home care aides and family members.