For Agencies & Home Care Providers

Modern tools for in-home caregiving


eCaring is an integrated software platform that aligns the entire care team, enabling caregivers and families to track in-home care in real time.

Transform Paper Logs to Electronic Records (eHCR)

Engage and Reward High Performing Caregivers

Proactively Manage Client Health for Better Outcomes

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See all of your clients in one place.

We made it easy for caregivers to view all of their clients in a single screen- they’ll become familiar with faces and get care plan information like health conditions & medications before they even arrive.


Track Care, Record Notes, & Accomplish Tasks

An easy icon-based language helps caregivers simply drag & drop activities to their client’s timeline, ensuring consistent real time tracking.


Maintain Communication with Case Manager

In-app messaging allows caregivers to instantly connect back to their care team- relaying critical information and problems faster than it takes to lookup a phone number.


Integrated Care Plans

In-App Communication

Medication Reminders

Multi-Client Capability

Drag & Drop Interface

Gamified Engagement

Success Story

We chose eCaring after an extensive review of home care technology because it empowers caregivers to improve the health and safety of our clients. The real-time alerts and insight is transforming our service delivery.

Andrea Cohen

CEO of HouseWorks - top home care agency in Boston, MA